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S.I.R.S was created to meet the growing need for professional security investigation and risk solutions in New Zealand and around the world, we understand the increasing threats globally and domestically and provide high quality security services and world-class training, mentoring for industry professionals. With a combination of military, domestic and international security experience to counter this threat S.I.R.S provides adaptable and effective protection for what matters to you, your company or your event. We excel at providing the highest quality security services and training in close protection, maritime security, hostile environment, firearms training, door supervision, private investigations, surveillance and CCTV operations.

All S.I.R.S operators hold the required standards and qualifications, we operate in accordance with New Zealand and Global security practice. To ensure high standards all S.I.R.S staff complete a review of their qualifications which include a police check and background vetting every 6 months. The training and courses offered by S.I.R.S are accredited by Highfield an industry recognised internationally.

Our Team


has had an impressive career journey. He began in the British Military serving in specialist units, transitioning to the Police where he took on various roles, including armed response team and specialist task force operations. He dedicated a total of 17 years to his military and police career. Following that, he ventured into the private sector running security and intelligence teams across different parts of the world.

Andrew trained local teams in remote areas of Afghanistan, conducting close target reconnaissance surveillance and route assessments for US SOCOM. Additionally, he showcased his expertise by leading specialist teams into Talibanheld territory. Furthermore, he demonstrated exceptional negotiation skills by engaging with Taliban Commanders to ensure the safe passage of reconstruction teams.

Andrew developed an intelligence unit for local government in the Philippines, specifically to combat the increasing threat from terrorist cells and organized crime. In addition, he conducted investigations on organized crime in countries such as China, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Middle East. Andrew is one of only a few Westerners allowed into certain states in Myanmar.

Andrew trained police units in UAE, assisting in training upgrades and policy changes. Additionally, he developed and ran a non-profit organization which combatted human traffickers, self-funding the entire operation.

Andrew has been involved in intelligence and operational planning for teams fighting against wildlife trafficking. He has also investigated the Thai fishing industry, specifically looking into the canning operations in Southern Thailand. Through covert surveillance and filming, he was able to expose the use of slave labour within the industry

Through his wealth of experience and knowledge, Andrew has developed comprehensive intelligence led supply chain investigation package. This package is designed to thoroughly investigate every aspect of the supply chain, leaving no stone unturned. It’s a testament to Andrew’s dedication and commitment to ensuring the highest level of security and protection. Additionally, his qualifications as a Tier 1 police trainer and licensed private investigator further showcase his exceptional skills and professionalism within the field.

James Hamelink

North Island Operations Manager

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SIRS LTD South African Partner

Former student from SIRS LTD turned international operative with vast experience working in different countries around the world, protecting clientele that vary from high net individuals to celebrities. With his Tactical training working alongside Elite Task teams in Hostile environments he proves to have key skills and knowledge in being a highly successful operator. Putting all his knowledge about the security industry – he opened an international security company called Metro SWAT International and is now partnered with SIRS LTD, broadening the spectrum and field of training with international partnerships

Solise C G Pratt
SIRS Ltd Africa Operation Manager and Head Instructor

Solise comes from the private and government security background and possesses a vast amount of knowledge of the global security industry. He’s a security manager, specialist and a field agent, he enojoyes being on the field around the Africa Continent and beyond. Solise has taught and operated throughout the Africa world and brings a huge wealth of knowledge and operational experience to SIRS. A highly motivated and dedicated member of the SIRS Ltd team, Solise is responsible for maintaining the ongoing high training standards and selection for both current and new SIRS Ltd operators in Africa, he has a vast experience of more than 10 years as fully trained, qualified and experienced Operator as an international security instructor and Security Manager.

Salah Joumaah

SIRS Ltd Iraq Director.

Salah has a background in the private security industry in Iraq and possesses a vast amount of knowledge in the oil and gas security industry in Iraq. He started working for the major private security companies’ oil and gas industry in 2010 when he moved back to Iraq from New Zealand. Salah started in oil and gas industry as a static guard protecting the oil fields in Basra. Within 6 months Salah was selected to attend PSD team leader course held in Basra where he achieved distinction, he was then promoted to PSD team leader/ interpreter for the private security company he was responsible for managing the local PSD team and planning all the requirements for the client.

2014 Salah was recruited by am major security company to work in the operations room as a senior team leader interpreter. He oversaw all operations that required the local national security teams from PSD to static guards. Meeting the clients’ requirements’ and delegating the local PSD teams for each task making sure the teams are trained and ready to deploy.

Salah reached the position of operations manager for the local nationals’ this is where he found his place for the security industry feeling he could make a difference to the security in Iraq.

Mohamas Al-issa
S.I.R.S Iraq Logistics and Contract Manager.

Mohamad successfully completed his (HONS) Bachelor of Business Management with Finance Management from Manchester Metropolitan University to add to his extensive experience in Security Logistics. Mohamad has solid knowledge in the Logistics and Supply Chain field within the Oil and Gas Industry in Iraq. He has a proven history of Business coordination and Supplier relationships successfully negotiating multimillion-dollar contracts.

Serge Artieu

Ukrainian Project Manager 

Serge Artieu has been with S.I.R.S. last six years as a consultant, co-ordinator and business advisor for Eastern European Region projects.

Serge acquired highly polished skills working for more them twenty years with New Zealand Government which include risk and stress assessment and management, sensitive information gathering and analysis, working with documents and reports preparation.

He has extensive experience working in harsh environment and training and communicating with people of different nationalities and culture.

Serge has a university degree in engineering and is an expert in martial arts and self-defence.