Personal Security Detail (PSD)

Course Information

This regulated qualification has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant SIA ‘Specifications for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives working in Hostile Environments.

The main target of this unique training is to prepare military/law enforcement individuals and security personnel for protective operations in a hostile environment (Africa, Central/Southern America, Middle East). The training will provide a maximum of realistic scenarios created by international security experts and will enable its participants to acquaint themselves with different types of firearms or equipment indispensable in high-risk countries.

The course main target is to provide the student with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work as a Close Protection (bodyguard) as soon as she/he completes our 21 days 210 hours intensive program. The course will use classroom lectures with the maximum of realistic and practical field training exercises to provide a full understanding of Hostile Environment Close Protection operations worldwide. The PSCP Course includes the overall knowledge within ‘Protection’ areas of Close Protection, and its training program is based on the proven training methods.

This course is ideal for individuals new to the industry and those in Police and Military that are adding to their skill set or transitioning into this new rewarding career.

Skill Prerequisites

  • A candidate does not have to possess prior experience in Close Protection.
  • Candidates are recommended to be Military or Police.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly and have a baseline level of English and maths at level 1.
  • This qualification is approved for delivery to learners aged 18 and over.

Assessment Method

  • All test will be completed in English if not stated otherwise.
  • All students will undergo a number of multiple-choice question exams and ongoing Theoretical and Practical Assessments

Awarding Body


21 Days


$7000 + GST

Learning Outcomes

  • Conflict Management skills.
  • Communication and Interpersonal skills.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative.
  • Close Protection Foot Drill techniques.
  • Use of Close Protection Vehicle techniques.
  • Venue-based security.
  • Close Protection Teamwork.
  • Threat and Risk assessment.
  • Operational Planning.
  • Surveillance Awareness.
  • Law and Legislation.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Route Selection.
  • Search Awareness.
  • Incidents and Dilemmas.
  • Anti and Counter Surveillance.
  • Firearms Safety within the Hostile Environment.
  • Providing First Aid at Work.
  • Medical Intelligence and Environmental Awareness.
  • Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator.
  • Convoy Drills.
  • Zone Control.
  • Small Group Tactics.
  • Ambush and Counter-ambush Drills.
  • Contact Drills.
  • IED awareness.
  • Advance Firearms Training.
  • Team Walking Formation.
  • Vehicle Counter Actions.
  • Evacuation Techniques.
  • Vehicle Formations.
  • Team Evacuation Actions.
  • Force on Force drill.
  • Rules Use of Force.

Upcoming Courses

8th  –  30 June
New Zealand
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7th  – 29th July
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4th – 25th Aug
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